Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Am A Teacher

(Music and Lyrics: Dioscoro B. Vicentino)

I'm a teacher, a purveyor of truth and light
I'm a teacher, I was born to improve mankind;
It's my duty to enlighten the world and guide the young to the path of the Lord.
I'm a teacher, I must teach what is good and right
I'm a teacher, I must live what I preach in life;
As a model citizen of the world, I must, in thoughts, words and deeds be so good.
In the children I write the future, in their learning I find great joy;
I may never sit on a throne but I'm contented, my life is full.
Yes, I'm a teacher; I must brave all the roaring waves and the fury of the river and windy seas;
I must climb on up the mountains and hills where children there wait for my love and care.
In a mountain or in a city, on an island where I may be I shall keep on bringing the light
And live as teacher until I die
I'll live as teacher until I die.

*We, teachers, are the supplier of knowledge and truth.
*We, teachers, shouldn't select assignment.
*Yes, I am a teacher not just a teacher "lang".
*Teaching is a profession that teaches other professions.
*Teacher! =j

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  1. A very touching song for all the teachers around the globe :)